And now – to catch you up! Part 1

So much has happened since I last posted!

The first major event was the sale of our home. I spent literally months purging, cleaning, painting and fixing before reaching out to a real estate agent. We selected the agent with the highest sales in our town. She gave us a few minor cosmetic changes recommendations, which we followed, and then moved forward to put the house on the market. The agent took a series of very professional photos and prepared the listing.

Wow wow! The listing became visible on a Thursday, and the showing schedule quickly filled up – 20 plus showing appointments  within the first week! By Wednesday we had 4 offers, 2 of which were full price! We accepted the best full price offer and closed/moved within 30 days after that.  The process went faster and smoother than we thought possible.

So, now we are in a one-bedroom apartment as transitional housing. The apartment is perfectly livable and is in a lovely complex with many amenities.  Yet – the emotional impact of moving out of my longtime home was much stronger than I expected. After I cleaned the house out for the final time, I sat down on the stairs and sobbed. Leaving that house was like ripping a part of myself away and leaving it there.  It got better, then the separation pain resurfaced several weeks later. I felt like I had been on vacation, but now it was time to go home. I wanted to go home — but it was my home no longer.  The choice to sell and leave everything behind for a life of adventure is totally my choice and this was a necessary step. But this part of the process was much harder than expected.

Then everything hit a lull again — we had moved, were settled and in a holding pattern. Until …. see Part 2!

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