Monthly Archives: February 2017

This hasn’t always been easy

I’ve  never considered myself to be all that attached to physical possessions. It’s been more about the people and experiences in  my life, rather than the “stuff”. But all of the preparation for life on the road — purging the “stuff” — isn’t just getting rid of accumulated possessions, it’s also about dismantling my LIFE.

Five years ago, I had a more-than-full-time job, two children at home, a very active volunteer life and a comfortable, large home. Then I lost one child in an accident. The other had already moved away to college and never moved back. I had the opportunity to take an early retirement package from my job – and I took it. My priorities changed and as a result my volunteer efforts have shifted and downscaled. Now, I have given up most of my physical possessions and my home will soon be handed over to others. Most of the elements of my have been systematically peeled away so that, ultimately, I can enjoy this traveling life of freedom and adventure.

But, I can’t go just yet! Job and financial considerations have us lingering here, even though emotionally I want to go, go, go! It leaves me feeling untethered and adrift. A part of me mourns the loss of my carefully-crafted home environment and the routine that was so stable for so long.  This is CHANGE, in a big way. And change is not so comfortable – or easy.

Maybe this transition time is necessary. Perhaps I  need time to mourn the loss of my life-that-was in order to fully embrace my life-that-will-be.

I still wish things would move along faster.

Let’s move forward already

I feel as though I’ve been pushing for change for months.

I’ve focused my energies the last few weeks and months on getting the house ready for sale. I’ve purged, cleaned and organized. We’ve given away a truckload of furniture to kids and family. Some items were listed and sold on Craigslist. I’ve taken multiple car loads of purged items to the Salvation Army. Our house is more than half empty at this point.

Then there was the subcontracted work. We had the house painted inside and out. The landscaping has been cleaned up. The roof was checked and minor repairs made. A million little repairs and adjustments completed. Then we met with a realtor and made a few more cosmetic changes at her suggestion — new kitchen cabinet pulls, new dining room light fixture, etc.

Have you ever gone down a super high water slide? You climb up and up and up. It seems like you’ll never get there and it takes SO much effort. Finally you reach the top and all there is left to do is – let go and wheeeeee!

Our house is officially on the market and today is the first showing day. Thanks to all of the prep work as well as marketing efforts by our realtor, we booked no less than 14 showing appointments for the first day! Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a decent offer out of this weekend’s work.

Then it will finally time to go down the slide!  All of the balls will start rolling – sell the house, dispose of the rest of the furniture, move into transitional housing, wrap up our work life (hopefully), buy the bus, and go!

OK, it’s a long and curvy water slide, as there are still lots of steps to take. But at least, it should be downhill from here!