And now – to catch you up! Part 2

Our house had sold, we moved into transitional housing, and were in a holding pattern. The next step was to locate and purchase a motorhome and move in!

We have been researching motorhomes for years. Our favorite ended up being the Entegra Aspire or Anthem. Entegra is a quality motorhome with tons of great features, a good value for the money, and a floor plan we like. Our plan was to wait for the 2017 model close outs in order to get the best possible deal. We watched the ads on RV Trader and waited.

A deal popped up that was too good to pass up. The only wrinkle was that the unit is based in Hammond, LA (near New Orleans). I was rather set on buying in Tampa, because that dealership offered a lot of support, time and training (including Driver Confidence training) that would be very helpful to us as first time motorhome owners. The idea of buying elsewhere  – especially so far away – and immediately driving away  was incredibly intimidating.  But, the motorhome was such a good deal that Jeff convinced me we could do it and should move forward.

We put down a deposit on a 2017 Entegra Aspire 42DEQ and will fly out to take delivery on July 25! It is the exact color scheme and layout that I dreamed of having. It is a beautiful home and I think it will suit us admirably.

We have several weeks to learn all we can via You Tube!! Because once we do the walkthrough and take delivery – we’re on our own!

Aspire 42deq

This is it!  Our new home-on-wheels!

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