Rocky Horror Night

IMG_4956Of course I’ve heard of the Rocky Horror Picture Show – it’s firmly ensconced in our pop culture. I was aware of its cult status, and the midnight showings with costumed patrons bearing props and shouting lines at the screen on cue. Heck, “Let’s Do the Time Warp Again” is on our iTunes playlist! But somehow, I made it to my advanced age without ever actually attending a showing of the movie. In Rocky Horror parlance – I was a virgin.

Until Halloween night.

As is our wont, Jeff was browsing the “things to do in our area” and stumbled across a Halloween showing of the movie at Fayetteville’s Walton Arts Theater.  Tickets included the movie, a band, themed adult beverages would be available – sure, let’s go!

011It seemed appropriate that it was a dark and stormy night. I should have had a newspaper clutched over my head, as we trotted through the cold drizzle to the theater. We entered a fog-shrouded foyer full of costumed patrons. I saw Rocky Horror themed costumes, Fred and Wilma Flintstone, a hobbit, a biker chick (she was about 90), among others. I saw a lovely bride in flowing white dress and veil …. with a 5 o’clock shadow. We snagged an adult beverage and settled down to listen to the talented, but irreverent, musical duo perform. Soon, the band area was filled with patrons dancing to the “Monster Mash” and other standards.

015It was so much fun, it seemed only moments before the theater doors opened and we filed to our assigned seats: balcony, middle, front row. We had a perfect view of the screen ahead and audience below. The costumed event emcees staged a costume contest, winners determined by audience applause. The winners were dead ringers (ha ha) for Brad and Janet in the underwear scene. All I could think of was they must have been cold! Then the emcees called up several other Rocky Horror virgins and walked them through a dance tutorial of “Let’s do the Time Warp Again” and explained the shout-outs and props. We were ready, we were set …. time for the show!

For my family-friendly blog audience, I won’t repeat the shout-outs, but it should be noted that I participated enthusiastically. A kind neighbor shared some of her props, so I got the full audience participation experience! The movie is really silly on its own merits, but the audience heckling makes it completely hilarious. It was just full-on goofy fun – start to finish! It was over all too soon. I would do it again anytime!

I am no longer a virgin.


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