Circle of Friends

2020 was a tough year. When we arrived at our Tucson winter season spot last November, I was despondent. Activities were cancelled, we knew no one here, and I was dreading the prospect of months of lonely isolation. Fortunately, our experience here was MUCH better than I ever could have expected!

Our current location here in Tucson seems to attract a much more active crowd than last year’s location in Florida. The very first day here, Jeff met another avid mountain biker. That contact led to our participation in a small “12 beers of Rincon” gathering and the opportunity to meet and forge connections with a new group of great friends.

That little group became our “quaranteam” for this Covid season, satisfying the need for human connection that we all craved. We have found kindred spirits here. Jeff has mountain biking buddies. We’ve done several spectacular hikes with one couple. We’ve experienced a couple of great day-long motorcycle rides with another small group. We’ve enjoyed outings to a local dining/entertainment venue. We regularly meet for “happy hour” to share beverages, snacks, conversation and lots of laughter. The ladies (crafters all) have conducted crafting sessions and classes. I taught a Swedish weaving class, learned how to make chenille pot holders, and we mandala’d rocks. We admire each other’s creations. We giggle and support one another in group text. These folks are interesting, funny, kind, and generous. We’ve become our own little family.

Their camaraderie saved my sanity, and restored my spirits. What an unexpected blessing in this crazy pandemic year!

As we approach the end of the season here, we are all making plans for next year. The park offers returning campers the option to select and reserve sites before opening reservations to the public. As we jockeyed for proximity to one other, I felt as though I were in middle school comparing schedules with classmates — “What site did you get? When will you be back?”

Our time here is winding down, but we look forward to our return in November ….. to see our friends.

3 thoughts on “Circle of Friends

  1. Donna Hill

    You are so correct! This year, with all of its challenges, has brought immeasurable joy and an abundance of blessings! Already looking forward to November.


  2. Lorrie

    Glad you found such a great group of friends in these crazy times! Sounds like it was a special time during a special time!


  3. Pat Warford

    I so agree with Mary Beth. What a great group we have here. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall to hear what they did at summer camp. Safe travels my friends.



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