Hangin’ in the Hometown, Take 2

And so, dear reader, you are caught up to date! After completing our Entegra Factory Service, we headed due south toward Anderson Indiana, my home town, for a two week visit. We were last in town with the bus about 18 months ago. We’ve experienced some briskly cool weather, and the leaves are turning bright hues of crimson, yellow and orange. It’s been years since I experienced an Indiana Fall. It evokes memories of Back-to-School elementary days, jumping in leaf piles, and changing classes at the Anderson University Campus. The bright clear blue skies of Indian Summer in Indiana are just beautiful.

Our main reason for being here is to spend quality time with family — and we certainly are doing that! We’ve been doing what we can in these COVID-tainted times — walking the lovely Mounds State Park, hitting balls at TopGolf, dining together, playing games, working puzzles, and just generally spending time together.

Considering our travels (and our recent visit to Cedar Point amusement park), I opted for a COVID test when I arrived here. It was a relatively painless experience, really. I booked an appointment online with a local CVS, provided the sample at the pharmacy drive-up window, and had my online results back within 48 hours. It was negative, as I expected, but it was reassuring nonetheless to have that status confirmed. I feel much more comfortable visiting my 89 year old parents knowing that I won’t risk carrying the disease to them. I am so very blessed to be able to visit my parents, living independently and well in their own home. I never forget for a minute how special that is.

Especially this year. So many have lost loved ones in the past months. My brother-in-law lost his (younger) brother very unexpectedly in late December. And Jeff’s Dad died in August. Long time readers of this blog may recall that we had to scramble to make arrangements for his Dad right before we left on this RV adventure, three years ago. He did well in his assisted living situation, but recurrent infections coupled with late stage dementia finally wore him down. He spent his last days at his daughter’s home and passed peacefully. A tough year, indeed.

So, we enjoy every moment we can manage to spend with our loved ones. And, on a lighter note, I am temporarily cat-sitting for my sister who is away at a wedding this weekend. We have gregarious Sophie, who cheerfully purr-rowss when I arrive and loves neck scritches. And then we have retiring Curie who wants to be around people, but only tolerates touching by Her Person (which is not me). Guess, if you will, who is who from the photos below.

We have a few more days here to enjoy family time, and then we’ll be heading on south and west, to Branson!

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