Boston has such incredible history. Walking the Freedom Trail winds you through the oldest part of the city, past landmarks such as the Old North Church and Boston Commons. Unfortunately, Massachusetts was COVID-locked during our stay. While Tennessee had been starting to gradually open, the Boston area was still almost completely shut down. We experienced the novelty of almost no big-city traffic, while we explored the city. We did a lot of walking around cities while looking at buildings from the outside. One day, it would be nice to go back and actually go INTO some of the historic buildings and museums.

The campground we stayed in – Normandy Farms – is highly rated as one of the nicest campgrounds in the US. It had the most amenities of any campground I’ve ever seen; sadly most of which were closed during our stay. It was virtually empty at first, but did begin to fill up on the weekends. The bath houses were also closed during much of our stay, forcing us to rely on our less-than-functional motorhome shower. Combining the weak lukewarm spray of our shower with an auxiliary bucket of hot water served the purpose adequately. Needs must.

During our time parked in the pine forest that was our campground, we got the full pine pollen experience. Apparently, in June these pine trees let loose a veritable cloud of sticky green pollen powder. It drifted everywhere, coating literally everything in a blanket of green. The ground was green. Our truck and bus were green. If you washed something off, the next day it was green again. It was a sight to behold. We thoroughly cleaned the bus the day before we moved!

Toward the end of our month in the Boston area, we were able to catch a ferry across to Martha’s Vineyard and explore it on the motorcycle. We actually were able to dine at a restaurant (outside) for the first time in weeks. It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful place.

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