Campground Review: Pine Mountain RV Park, Pigeon Forge, TN

046Campground Review Summary

  • Name: Pine Mountain RV Park
  • Dates of stay: 4/28-5/18/20 (3 weeks)
  • Location: 411 Pine Mountain Rd., Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
  • Type of campground: Private/Independent
  • Cost: $47.71/night
  • Additional fees: none
  • Stay limit: none
  • Accepts mail / packages: did not ask
  • Cell reception: ATT good
  • Website:
  • Pros: Close to the parkway and amenities
  • Cons: tight for big rigs

Full Review

I’m including this review because our bus did park here. We didn’t STAY in the bus, not even one night, because we were staying in our own Gatlinburg cabin. Due to Covid-related cancellations and uncertainty around traveling, we hunkered down in our cabin for about 6 weeks. This campground gave us a place to park the bus, on power, for part of that time. I thought I’d do a review anyway, just to be complete.

The Gatlinburg /  Pigeon Forge area is pricey for camping. The rate at Pine Mountain wasn’t too bad, considering we were primarily using it as a parking spot. For the area, the price is actually pretty good. Most amenities were open during our stay, including bath house (locked with a code), laundry, and splash pool (although it was too cold to use). Snack bar and store were closed.

Our “premium pull though” paved site had full hookups – 50 amp, water, sewer — but we only used the electric. We didn’t use the cable hookup or wifi. The satellite dish was unable to connect due to trees. The site worked for our purpose, but it probably wouldn’t have worked well for an actual stay, because it was TIGHT for our size. Jeff managed to wedge into it, but if the park hadn’t been mostly empty we would have had issues. Getting out was just as difficult, requiring us to run over the grassy site in front of us – there was no other way to do it. While parked, we had bare inches in front and behind,  and we would have had to park vehicles in the overflow parking at the front of the park. NOT ideal. The campground touts itself as being big rig friendly, but we didn’t find it to be so. All of the sites are the same size, but some may be easier to get into than others due to the layout.

The bathroom and shower looked very nice, and the campground looked new and well kept. But, it’s simply not laid out well for a rig of our size, the sites are too short and turning radius too tight. It would be fine for smaller units.

The location is right off the parkway, so it would be ideal as a base for Pigeon Forge fun.

Bottom Line: A decent park, but not for big rigs.

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