Gatlinburg Quickie

025We carved a few days from the front end of our planned Nashville visit to attend to some cabin business. Let me catch you up.

You see, we had a fire at our cabin a couple of months ago involving the washer/dryer unit. It was a relatively small fire, as these things go, but a fire event nonetheless. Our cabin guests at the time attempted to extinguish it, unsuccessfully, and called the fire department. Thankfully no one was injured, and the actual fire damage was limited to the washer/dryer unit and part of the laundry closet. The smoke damage, however, was considerably more extensive. Our property management company quickly mobilized a mitigation company and we immediately engaged our insurance company. However the restoration process has gone less expeditiously than we had hoped.

So, we felt an in-person visit was needed, to get our arms around where – exactly – we are in the process and help move things along.  We had a productive two days, meeting with contractors, inventorying contents and assessing overall progress. It was sad to see our beloved cabin in disarray, but I’m confident that it will be fully repaired and re-assembled more beautifully than ever.

The trip wasn’t entirely business though. We managed to take a short motorcycle ride through the park one day and completed one of our favorite hikes (to Charlie’s Bunion) on the other. It was such a beautiful day, we just HAD to get out on the trail! We had  gloriously clear visibility at the Bunion and even encountered an adolescent bear on the trail!

After our brief visit, we moved on to Nashville – music city! More on that in our next posts.

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