Campground Review: Anderson/Muncie KOA, Anderson, IN


  • Name: Anderson/Muncie KOA
  • Dates of stay: May 13 – June 5, 2019
  • Location: 3230 E 75 N, Anderson, IN 46017
  • Type of campground: Private / KOA
  • Cost: $33/night (monthly rate)
  • Additional fees: $10 to wash bus
  • Stay limit: none
  • Accepts mail / packages: did not ask
  • Cell reception: ATT adequate
  • Website:
  • Pros: Inexpensive, close to family
  • Cons: aging bath house, militantly enforces 5 mph speed limit

Full Review

Anderson Indiana isn’t exactly known as a tourist mecca, so campgrounds are few in the vicinity. There is a nice State Park in town (Mounds Park) which surprisingly can accommodate our size, but only offers electricity hookup. That works for a week or so, but not for an extended stay. Fortunately, we found this KOA park on the north east side of town that fit the bill.

I was pleasantly surprised by the big rig friendliness of this older park. Our site was a back-in concrete site with concrete patio, picnic table and fire ring. The electrical box and water spigot was at the rear of the site, far enough away to require virtually all of our electrical cord to reach! The water pressure was high (up to 100 psi at times), making a water pressure gauge essential. Our Direct TV satellite was unable to lock onto a signal due to an ill-placed tree, but we were able to pick up a fair number of over the air TV channels. We didn’t try the campground wifi, as our ATT hotspot worked adequately.

The campground was pretty, quiet and tidy with expanses of mowed lawn, mature trees and a large pond that served for both fishing and swimming. There was also a club house, small camp store, and playgrounds. Memorial Day weekend found the place quite busy with families enjoying the amenities. The weekdays had much less occupancy. Probably due to all of the kids, the campground workers are quite militant about enforcing the 5 mph speed limit. Everyone I knew who drove in were “talked to” about driving too fast – and I’m a slowpoke!

The lady in the office was kind enough to offer a monthly rate of $800, rather than the much higher daily/weekly KOA standard rates. Even though we stayed only 24 nights and not 30, it was still the cost effective way to go. There was an additional $10 fee for bus washing. The rules called for a $5 guest fee, but we had family members popping in and out briefly and were never charged.

There were are couple of idiosyncrasies though. The shower in the bath house was the old “push button” style which stayed on for what seemed only seconds at a time. I just used my own shower. Also, as a “monthly” renter, we were required to mow our own site’s lawn, which was a first for us. I guess that way they can’t possibly cause any damage to our rig? At least they provided the lawn mower.

Overall, it was a quiet and pleasant stay. It wasn’t fancy, but it provided good value. We will likely go back because of the proximity to our families.

Bottom Line: Inexpensive site near our families.


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