And the Match says …..

A couple of weeks ago I shared in a post about our uncertainty regarding this years’ itinerary. Our son’s longtime girlfriend will be graduating from medical school soon and progressing on to a residency program out of State. March 15 was the big day for fourth year medical schools all over the country as students learned of their destiny – all at the same time!

thumbnail_IMG_5245The magic hour was noon, so we arrived at the medical school building about a half hour early. A crowd of students and family were gathered, partaking of offered food/beverages and clustered around tables set in a Harry Potter theme (as selected by the students). The tables also held the all-important sealed envelopes, ready for the big reveal.

All medical students had received an email earlier in the week, notifying whether they had matched (or not), so some of the pressure was off. But, still, the excitement of soon learning the actual match location was palpable. As the noon hour approached, several nice speeches were made, and then a countdown from 10 …. 3 …. 2 … 1 …. MATCH! 117 envelopes were simultaneously ripped open and the squeals of celebration commenced! It was exciting and inspiring to hear excited students announce match locations all over the US.

And the Residency Match location for Marissa and Sean is …. Greensboro, NC! They had wanted to go somewhere with mountains and four distinct seasons (but not too harsh winters), and this certainly fits the bill. Her grandparents live in Asheville, NC and our cabin is only 4 hours away.  They are now in the throes of planning for relocation – housing, job changes, packing/moving, etc. However, the new location is about 9 hours from their current home, which is logistically much easier than something cross-country. It’s all good!

So, we are now able to complete our 2019 itinerary! We’ll run from Wisconsin down to Tennessee and North Carolina, spending a month in the Fall near Greensboro. Then, back to Central Florida for the winter season.

See you down the road!


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