Where will we go? Nobody knows …

nnco-pyc_blk02_i01If you know anything about us, you likely know that we are planners by nature. We research major purchases for months before pulling the trigger. We planned for this RV life for YEARS before launching into it. So, it’s not unlike us to have our travel itinerary planned out for months, even a year or more, in advance.

Not this time. At least, not for sure.

Our original plan was to do a Midwest loop this year, heading back to Florida for the winter, and then head out west in early 2020. We even have Florida campsites booked for all of next winter. So what’s the deal?

It’s simply this — we don’t know where our son will be after June. His long-time girlfriend graduates from medical school this May and will be matched somewhere in the country for her residency program. She interviewed at internal medicine residency programs all over the US – literally from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon. She has ranked her preferences and submitted her list to the nationwide residency match computer, along with all of the other medical students. A computer algorithm will bump her list against the hospitals’ ranked lists of interviewed students, and match her up to a program – somewhere.

March 15 is the big day …. Match Day. Medical students all over the country will open their little white envelopes on that day, all at the same time, and discover where they will spend the next 3 years. Sean has taken the day off and we will meet up with them at the Med school for the big reveal. Followed by a celebratory dinner at her Dad’s place.

So, March 15 will dictate our route come Fall. If she matches in the East US, we’ll likely keep to our Florida plans. However, if she matches somewhere out West, we will likely head west in the Fall and spend our winter somewhere in Arizona. Either way, it will position us to head in their direction the following Spring. The advantage of having a home on wheels — we can follow our hearts.

March 15 approaches …. we will let you know!

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