Grand BVI Sailing Adventure: Part 4

And now, the last installment of Jeff’s guest post!

The next morning we navigated to Great Harbor to explore Foxy’s Yot Klub, where we met and talked to the one and only Foxy. He was wearing his Make America Great Again hat, and kept us fully entertained with his many jokes and stories. Upon departing Great Harbor the yacht was sailed on a beam reach around the West End of Tortola, then sailed upwind along Sir Francis Drake Channel to the Indians for one more snorkel. Since we were tacking the entire way up the channel, I pointed out that we were theoretically violating US border laws by countlessly crossing the BVI/US line. Prior to clearing customs, a sailor is supposed to hang a yellow “Q” flag, a.k.a., Quarantine Flag, from the starboard spreader. Since we already cleared BVI customs, the Q flag would theoretically be raised every time the line is crossed into US waters, and lowered every time we crossed BVI waters. That’s a lot of flag raising. A border wall would have stopped us for sure! After snorkeling the Indians, we stayed the night at Norman Island.

On Day 7 we awoke to stormy, windy conditions. According to the weather report, it was supposed to clear up by mid-morning, so we decided to motor our way for our second dive at the RMS Rhone. Our perseverance rewarded us with a nice sunny, warm dive. After diving we navigated to Great Harbor at Peter Island, and took the dinghy over to Willy T’s. Willy T’s used to reside at Norman Island, but the ship was destroyed by Hurricane Irma. A new ship was christened, and the new Willy T’s was relocated to Peter Island. However, an injunction was filed against Willy T’s giving them until June leave Peter Island, so their future is currently uncertain. Dinner and drinks at Willy T’s were fabulous.

The next morning, after coffee, the yacht was sailed on a spirited beam reach in 20+ knot winds back to Roadtown, Tortola. After safely docking the boat – this time in full daylight conditions – we reflected over beers on a great 7 days of sailing, snorkeling, and diving, and decided that we would give it a go again in 2 years!


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