You can’t go home again …..

quotefancy-2156902-3840x2160.jpgWe just completed a whirlwind two-week visit to South Florida, our prior home of 35 years. We had originally thought to stay the whole month of February, but were unable to secure campground reservations for more than two weeks – even after trying nearly a year in advance. It’s a function of scarcity of (decent) campgrounds in the area and peak season demand.

We crammed a lot into two weeks! Routine doctor, dentist and vet appointments were scheduled and completed. You’ll be happy to know that aside from finding one bad tooth (which was remedied) and being a bit overweight, Pumpkin is in fine shape for a senior cat and will be sharing his Haiku insights for some time to come! We entertained friends, walked along the beach, and went to a party. Jeff rode his motorcycle, mountain biked familiar trails, and attended the Miami Boat show.  I worked a fair bit during our stay –  inspecting jobsites, catching up with fellow employees in the office,  and visiting a long-time client.

A highlight of our stay was our group visit to the Florida Renaissance Faire. Before our launch, I hadn’t missed attending the Ren Faire for at least 20 years straight! My sister and her daughter flew down from Indiana, while Sean, Marissa, her sister and dad drove from Orlando for the fun.  We feasted, imbibed, shopped, and enjoyed the varied entertainment. Huzzah!

It was wonderful to see our friends, re-visit old haunts, and explore familiar territory. Yet … it was also sad. Being “home” stirred up old griefs and reminders of what I had given up for this life on the road. I was home …. but I no longer had a home there. I rejoiced to reconnect with good friends …. but we had to immediately separate again. Happy / sad.


In a way it felt like trying to fit into shoes that I have outgrown …. or fit into a life that I no longer live. It’s time to move on, rather than move back.

That feels right.

2 thoughts on “You can’t go home again …..

  1. Lisa Covey

    I totally agree with you! You are quite insightful. We also full time and go back to our “roots” yearly. It isn’t the same. Missed seeing your posts and glad you’re back posting again!

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