Fabulous Family Fun

Dear blog friends, I have been terribly remiss in my posting over the last few weeks! Between holiday preparations, Disney, travel, and family fun – it hasn’t left much time or inclination for blogging!

Currently, I am visiting family in chilly Indiana. I have 3 siblings, all of us in our 50s to early 60s. Although we scattered throughout the country in our youth, pursuing education and jobs, we have always – without fail – regrouped back home in Indiana for the Christmas holidays. We truly LIKE one another, and regularly coordinate our vacation travel plans to visit and spend time together during the year, whenever possible. What an incredible blessing.

We are also incredibly blessed that our parents are still with us. They are physically slowing down to be sure, but are in reasonably good health and mentally sharp. They remain the heart of our Christmas festivities.

During our week together we played silly games until we were breathless from laughing. We imbibed great wine and indulged in exceptional food — at marvelous restaurants as well as dishes prepared at home by loving hands. We conversed and caught up on the matters of life, great and small. We went shopping, caught movies, and simply enjoyed each others’ company. It was heavenly.

Some of us have traveled back to their home, but I have another few days here with the rest. I’ll tee up a Throwback Thursday post for tomorrow, and will get back on the blogging bandwagon when I return home this weekend. I plan to finish out my series on Holiday Disney and launch a few new topics!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a most joyous New Year!

2018 Christmas family

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