Feeling at Home

047I really like this place. We’re staying at a KOA in Orlando, not too far from Sean’s place. We’ve stayed here a couple of times before, so the campground and the surrounding area already felt a bit familiar.

The constant movement this past year has sometimes left me feeling rather unsettled …. adrift. But, being here is like putting down mini-roots for a while. Just having familiar Florida surroundings and weather feels somehow “right”. My favorite market – Publix – is just down the road. We have family and friends nearby and we are having fun with them every weekend. All of that makes the place feel more like home.

Before I started this life on the road, I always had visions of being at an RV resort with lots of activities. But, for one reason or another, we just never were at anyplace that had much going on. Either it was out of season, or just not one of those places. But here, there’s lots to do! Aerobics class in the mornings, Bingo, line dancing, movie night, potlucks, dominos, craft classes, Bible study, food trucks – usually several activities scheduled every day! There’s a friendly group of seasonal folks that come here year after year, some of whom I met last year. I really like being part of a community – I’ve missed that.

In a way, I feel like I have my old “normal life” back. We’re not constantly moving and adjusting to new places. I can settle into a routine of working out, playing, socializing, chores, working, and holiday planning. It feels good.

I’m happy we’ll be here for a while.



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