Travel Day Near-Disasters: Follow up

follow_upI described the “interesting” experiences we encountered on our way from Bentonville to Memphis. I thought you may want to learn how everything turned out.

After all of the excitement, we made it to our RV park uneventfully. We didn’t even bother to fully hook up or put our slides out, because the next morning we drove the rig directly next door to the Southaven RV repair center. They took the motorhome right in to look at the window leak and take care of the satellite dish repair.

While that was in progress, we drove to the one and only Blue Ox dealer in Memphis. We showed the owner our broken unit, and he immediately went to work to get us a new one. He’d never seen this kind of failure, so we still don’t know exactly what happened, other than it shouldn’t have! Unfortunately, he didn’t have a unit in stock, but contacted the manufacturer for a warranty replacement. We hope to have it in hand in a few days, before we leave for Birmingham. No haggle, no hassle.

Back at the RV center, we were told that getting access to the window leak would be quite involved, so we elected to punt the issue until next summer, when we’ll be at the Entegra factory. It’s only a problem when water is blown under our slide topper, which is an abnormal situation. They did replace our satellite dish turret motor and arranged to return the old part. All no charge, done under warranty. Our satellite dish now works great.

Jeff figured out why the bicycle rack failed. He has been fighting slow leaks in his mountain bike tubeless tires due to the harsh environments he’s been riding in. He loaded and secured his bike the night before, not knowing the front tire slowly went flat overnight – loosening the bike in the rack. While the truck was towed by the motorhome, the bike was shielded from wind and stayed on. But when I started driving the truck separately – wham, bam! The front wheel slipped out of the rack, flipped up, the bike went over backwards, and the back strap popped apart from the pressure. It wasn’t a bike rack problem, it was Murphy’s law at work. The back strap part even fell into the back of the truck – Jeff retrieved it and re-assembled the strap so the bike rack is completely fine.  Jeff vows that he will zip tie the tires to the rack from now on. That should do it!

We carefully inspected the motorcycle and found the only real damage was a dent in the windshield chrome strip. Somehow, miraculously, the pedal (or frame) hit that one spot and NOT the fairing, which would have cost major dollars to repair. We replaced that chrome strip for $50. Jeff was able to rub out a few other superficial scratches and the bike looks just as good as new. No harm, no foul. And, his mountain bike is completely undamaged. The truck got one minor scratch but hey, it’s a truck. We can just touch that up and it will be fine.

So, after all is said and done, we avoided catastrophe (twice!) and it only cost us $50 in repairs. While traveling, I always pray for protection by our guardian angels, and I look to this as confirmation that our angels are working overtime on our behalf! We are mightily blessed.

And now we can relax and enjoy touring Memphis!


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