Santa Fe Farmer’s Market

015Santa Fe has a wonderful Saturday morning Farmer’s Market. I’ve been to markets that are mostly craft / product fairs, but this one is a true Farmer’s Market with loads of fresh produce and other local wares.

We checked it out a couple of weeks ago, but this week we went prepared to shop! We stopped at one bakery stand whose never-ending long line attested to its popularity. A giant cinnamon twist and lemon/blueberry muffin made its way into our shopping bag (minus a bite or two). New Mexico is famous for its green and red chilis, and several vendors were roasting freshly picked peppers. I got some of the roasted red sweet peppers – yum! Red chilis are also strung into “ristras”, a traditional symbol of welcome and good luck, as well as made into wreaths and other beautiful shapes.

We garnered winesap apples, heirloom tomatoes, a quart of raw local honey, ground grass-fed beef, and locally-raised buffalo meat – sirloin steak, stew meat and ground buffalo.  I also picked up a Pueblo Posole Stew mix with traditional multi-colored dry corn and flavorings. Add pork stew meat, onion, water and simmer for 3 hours to make a traditional northern New Mexican dish. It sounds yummy!

The crisp fall air was delightful as we strolled and shopped. Savory smells and the sounds of live music wafted on the light breeze. Just another day on the road!

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