Rock On

43685170.jpgI’m starting a new “thing”. I’ve actually been meaning to do this for quite some time and bought all the necessary supplies a year ago. Finally, with a little more free time on my hands, I’ve begun …. painting rocks!

I can’t take credit for the idea. There are a number of web sites and Facebook pages out there that promote it. The concept is simple. You decorate a rock however you wish – whimsical design or inspirational quote –  along with some identifying mark on the reverse side. Then, you leave the rock for others to find. Maybe along a trail, in a geocache, or any place that strikes your fancy. (Just not in a national park, that’s a no-no.) Maybe the person who finds the rock will let you know that they found it, or maybe not. In any case, you’ve left a little treasure to brighten someone’s day.

I find that concept quite appealing. I’m no great shakes as an artist, but I primarily want to decorate my rocks with inspirational quotes.  I want to encourage people by leaving something uplifting for them to find. Here’s my first batch.


What do you think? Not exactly professional artist caliber, but I’ll get better with practice! (hopefully)

43685172The process is simple, but multi-step. First I gave the rocks a light coating of white spray paint on one side. Then I decorated the painted side with paint pens, over a couple of rainy days. Next, I affixed a label on the back (using Mod Podge sealant) that gives instructions along with this blog address. I coated both sides with Mod Podge, and let it dry. Then I sprayed the rock with a light coat of clear Rust-Oleum to seal it from the elements.

43685167.jpgI gathered a bin of perfectly wonderful rocks at my sister’s Montana lakeshore home, so I’ll have a plentiful supply to work with!

As a last step, I’ll infuse each rock with Reiki healing energy and begin releasing them into the wild with a prayer that someone who needs encouragement will find them.

I think that will be very, very cool.




4 thoughts on “Rock On

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  3. Vickie

    I found one of your rocks in Northern Michigan! Is there a Way to register the rock to see where the rocks have traveled?


    1. mbnorthrup Post author

      Hi Vickie, the only way to track is simply to comment here or on my Facebook page. We’re in Petoskey right now so I may have placed that rock within the last few days! Thanks for letting me know – that’s part of the fun!



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