2019 Planning

Plan-AheadWe’re only a little more than halfway through 2018, but we are already looking at our route for next year. We have learned (the hard way) that popular seasonal campgrounds can book up many months (a year or more) in advance, so we are trying to keep ahead of the curve.

Our original thought was to do an east coast loop in 2019. However, we need to be in northern Indiana in June to complete our motorhome’s “post delivery inspection” within 2 years of  purchase. One of the reasons that we chose Entegra was their 2 year warranty and ability to have this inspection and any warranty repair work completed at the factory in Middlebury. Considering the timing and logistics, we are now planning a Midwest loop – pushing the Northeast loop until 2020.

So here’s how it’s shaping up:

  • January through March – in Florida (Orlando, South Florida, Orange City)
  • April – in our Gatlinburg cabin. We’re parking the bus and moving out for the month!
  • May – Mammoth Cave National Park, Brown County State Park (Indiana) and Anderson Indiana  (my home town).
  • June – Warranty work at Entegra, then Michigan City, IN
  • July – Petoskey, MI
  • August – Michigan upper peninsula, Cable WI, and Minneapolis
  • September – Wisconsin Dells, then Illinois, then head to Nashville for a month
  • October – Nashville, Birmingham, Tallahassee, Fort Wilderness (Disney!)
  • November – December:  South Florida

The theme for the year is friends and family:  We’ll have time to visit with our son and his girlfriend in Orlando. Gatlinburg is traditionally a gathering spot for friends and family, with rotating company during our stay at our second home. Then we’ll have several weeks in Indiana, where we have close family on both sides. We’ll be visiting friends in Illinois. Then wintering over in South Florida, our home for 35 years.

This fulltime RV life can be a bit isolating, but it can also afford opportunities for great quality time with loved ones.

Looking forward to it!

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