Lovin’ the Cedars

I thought I’d give a little description of our home for the month. I’ll do a formal campground review later on, but frankly, you people don’t read my campground reviews! I admit, they’re pretty dry, and not as interesting as our travelogue posts. I do them mostly for future reference by us or others.

We are sitting here at the Cedars RV resort, just outside Ferndale, WA. This is one of the largest and overall nicest sites we’ve had. The campground recently renovated our area in order to better accommodate big rigs by combining two narrower sites into one really wide one. (Big buses like ours really do need the space to maneuver.) As a result, we have tons of space all around to spread out into. The sites are separated by tall cedar hedges, making them uncommonly private.  Coming from the campground near Seattle which was as tight as tight could be, this seems incredibly spacious.

Here’s the view out our front window –  we are on the edge of the campground, overlooking a quiet pasture that can be used for tent camping.


This is very much a family campground. School is out and there are plenty of families with young children enjoying the beautiful pool, playground and other amenities. There are kids riding around on their bikes, playing, and leaving chalk masterpieces on the driveways. It’s really nice to hear the laughter of kids just being kids.

The weather has been delightful with cool nights and warm days. It’s been a bit too warm in the evenings for a fire, but it is forecast to cool down next week and we have wood staged next to our fire pit, waiting for the cooler weather. It’s been quite some time since we enjoyed a campfire as many of the campgrounds we’ve been to haven’t allowed them due to fire hazard or other restrictions. We’re overdue for s’mores.

There’s no hot tub, but the heated pool is awesome. The bathrooms are clean and nice. The people are friendly. In the mornings, I often see little bunnies hopping around to munch on the grass, much to Pumpkin’s delight. The nights are quiet and peaceful. And the best part — it’s inexpensive! We paid $800 for the month, which works out to less than $30/night, in high season! It’s a bargain.

This place is great.


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