Pumpkin’s Perspective: Life on the Road

012My name is Pumpkin and my human is transcribing my words of wisdom for this  communication forum. It is my pleasure to share my feline perspective with you.

Yes, I am a cat, a striking orange tabby, hence the name. My human and I found each other 5 years ago, when I was four. It has proved to be a most felicitous partnership. Although I enjoyed our years together in the big house with the fabulous screened patio, I am equally excited to share this life on the road. How many cats can boast of an ever-changing view outside their window?

004My humans have provided well for my comfort. They removed an unneeded chair and replaced it with a most satisfactory cat tree. The perches are just the right height for window viewing and the cedar scratching post is quite serviceable. I appreciate having my own space in this new world.

Living in a moving home was unsettling at first. I must confess that I sought the comfort of the under-bed space many times. Intellectually, I understand what is happening, but my cat body gets anxious. I am gradually adjusting to the sounds and movements, but my preferred travel-day spot is on my human’s lap. It is very comforting and I like the neck scratches.

I am looking forward to this life of adventure. Hmmm, I like the sound of that – Pumpkin, the adventure cat! I will share my unique perspective with you from time to time. Or, maybe not.



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