Launch Day!!!!

At long last, we are free to go! Sunday, November 26, 2017 marks the start of our new, grand life adventure!

Our last evening at Markham Park was wonderful. Sean and Marissa drove down from Orlando to spend the night with us. We built a campfire, toasted hot dogs and marshmallows, drank a couple bottles of wine and played cards. It was a lovely evening of conversation and laughter.  The next morning as we packed up to go, they took possession of my Camry and drove her away.

I have to take a moment in honor of my Camry. My beautiful silver 2015 Camry XLE was my favorite car, ever. She was beautiful and so smart. I loved driving her. I called her Miranda. However, we can’t take two cars on the road, and the F-150 meets our needs. He’s not quite as beautiful and intelligent as my Miranda, but he is sturdy and loves to have adventures. I shall miss Miranda, but she is going to a wonderful new home.

IMG_2919After packing up, we left our home of the last 2 months, bid farewell to South Florida, and headed north toward Alafia River State Park!  (campground review later). As I write this at the dinette table and sip my morning hot tea,  I see woods and meadow out my window while the sun rises through the mist. I could definitely do this every day. Oh wait … I CAN do this every day!

Our long awaited grand adventure has begun! Thanks for going along for the ride!

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