All moved in and ready to go!

We are all moved in!

A week after returning from hurricane evacuation, we were able to move to Markham Park (a county park).  We had planned to move there anyway at the end of September, so just went a little early.

We completed transferring over the belongings we are keeping and managed to dispose of the rest. Faith Farm charities took most of our furniture – we only had to take one pick-up load to the dump. A quick day trip to Orlando took care of finding a new home for our gigantic 7-foot cat tree. It fit quite nicely into Sean’s living room and Buttercup immediately took possession of it! On September 30, we handed over the keys to the apartment and began our true full-time life in the motorhome.

The bus is just SO comfortable and beautiful. It doesn’t seem cramped – just cozy. Now we need only finish up our work affairs and we’ll be able to hit the open road!

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